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We're in.

I'm sitting on my couch in my house while a pumpkin raisin experiment chars itself in my oven in my kitchen in this house that is my house.


after 18 years of renting (including one 6 month stint in the Netherlands), i'm now a homeowner. sure, the joint is being paid for with K cash, but it's definitely our place. so mine.

I can't even believe I'm about to write this, but here goes: home ownership rocks! No, I'm not thrusting a frosty Bud skyward, but i did just take a celebratory sip of skim milk. does that count?

Christola, I've got a brainjam of info I want to convey. Though it sounds odd, this building pressure to spillshare has spawned a stupefying inertia (a bent toward redundancy, too). Even now, this very moment, I find myself zoning-out---overwhelmed by the enormity of "the task" ahead. what the? you know the feeling you get when you're surveying a mess in, say... your kitchen? You want to clean it up. You know how much better you'll feel once it's done, or even begun, but...where to begin? dishes? counters? fridge? floor? wash dust swipe pitch polish mop broom?

Welcome to my brain as kitchen dilemma---only it's not all about banishing the crud, if that makes sense. I also wanna do a little cooking. buff shiny appliances. watch cute curtains billow.

anamomda longs to share homemade baked goods with anyone bored enough to finish this post.

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