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i'm learning html...

yeah. i know. the head shot's a bit much, but...
i'm teaching myself HTMfuckingL!
image is also 3 years old [ahem, since updated] and pre-kid, so i'll admit my hair's a bit flabbier now;
shorter, wirier, doubly grey.
if i ever suffer a psychotic break and split from THE BEST MAN ON THE PLANET, wanna date? i could teach you a little hyper text thingie or two.

okay, currently struggling with this: Caps or no caps?
no, i'm not still focused on my head (mmmm, good hair day),
but i am debating whether to blog lazy, lowercase e-mail style, or blog hard. not formally hard, of course---no doubt my punctuation will remain questionable---but it might be wise to revert back to capitalizing proper nouns and the first word of each sentence.
you know, for the day i actually return to my pregnancy-interrupted dream job as a college student.
English major---could there be any doubt?

also debating whether to continue composing this on my kitchen floor. glossy black and white tiles. freshwhite windows and doors. bright pear walls. mmmm...pear. even minus cabinets, range, etc, it's now my favorite zone in the home. spent hours there yesterday, abusing my wee convection oven and happily huffing that new paint smell.

in other news, my fricken perfect angel child napped for three hours today!! to honor her slumber, i threw on my favorite paint-smudged dress (no pants for this girlymom), raced downstairs, and slathered a few living room walls with benjamin moore DILL PICKLE. yup. more green. oh, and color of said "painting dress"? olive.
diet, decor, or dressware---i do loves me some greens.

anamomda longs to lick latex brine from her delicious dill walls.

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