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"so what do you want to do this weekend?"

K keeps asking, hoping to hear something fresh fun new.

"ummmm....i don't know. paint?"

i finished second-coating dill walls yesterday, but since the rest of the living/dining room zones will be painted GOLDEN STRAW, i plan to hang up my nappy roller.
straw is not mouth-watering. nothing yummy about straw.
besides, i have a much closer relationship with my trim brush.

and i like to watch K roll.

i'll be painting glossy white over dingy white---doesn't get much easier than that.
i especially like the part where i get to sit on my ass and paint baseboards.
ass sitting, while not exactly yummy, still beats the hell out of straining skyward in order to swab errant ceiling smears with a smeary damp towel that manages to smudge the small smear into a big smear due to smear residue deposited on the towel during prior smear campaigns.

which reminds me:
george bush is an idiot.

anamomda's cuticles harbor fugitive flecks of paint.

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