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I am lazy-gray unproductive. The house is an uncleaned cave. Though my prior two posts might suggest I flirt with bi-polarism, the truth is that i don't function well in the dark. This girl needs sun. With light-streaming windows to inspire me, I'm a solar-powered cleaning machine.

Wow...just like that. Sitting here all sullen and seasonal-affective-disordered, when incoming e-mail chimes bright the air. One quick click, and the room floods with virtual sun. My couch-clinging, gollumesque, slug of gloom form uncurls. Joy squints crimp my eyes.

K's response when asked to dance:

a: are we having company?
k: no.
a: are we having pizza?
k: yes, please order.  i'll be home after 6.
a: can you buy some pop?
k: yes.
a: where's the freakin' sun?
k: did you say "son"? [not.gonna.happen. kid #2 reference]
a: could you bring home something to save the gnaw-rats from death by drenching? [our rabbits, moxxy and spork, have been exhiled to the back screened porch. and yes, they have blanketed cages and cardboard cubbies, but for some reason choose to huddle where they're most likely to get wet. dumbasses.]
k: yes.
a: what needs measured today? [we tiffed over this last night. nuff said]
a: i'll show you when i get home...
a: do you still love me?
k: um...  you betcha!
a: are you ready for popcorn yet? [he spent mon. a.m. ralphing-up kernels]
k: very close.  no butter though.
a: do you know how much i love you?
k: no.  please quantify.
a: can anna and i have a puppy?
k: wow.
a: soon?
k: why?
only if it craps in one corner of the yard.
and only if it doesn't smell like dog.
and it doesn't shed.
and it's name is "kiffrd"
. [kid runs through the house shouting "kiff-urd!", in search of her little red dog]

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