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why can't a meme be more like a biscuit?

a - apples: fried with butter and sugar and served on a biscuit

b - biscuits: I bake mine from scratch

c - crunchy: on the outside: how I like my biscuits

d - drop: because I hate rolling-out dough

e - eat them: what I like to do to biscuits

f - fried sides: bacon and eggs will do

g - grandmas: they make the best biscuits

h - honey: and biscuits

i - i am: not obsessed with biscuits

j - jam: almost as good as honey

k - kosher: is matzo hebrew for biscuit?

l - lips: look luscious bedecked with biscuit

m - morning: best time for sex (and biscuits)

n - nightingales: I bet they like biscuits

o - oreos: in England, biscuits

p - parrots: birds that prefer crackers to biscuits

q - query: what's golden and flaky and tastes great with ham?

r - right out of the oven: best way to eat biscuits

s - stop it: stop writing about biscuits

t - tuna fish: probably not so good on a biscuit

u - ululating: for I have no biscuits

v - visualizing: a world without biscuits

w - wondering: do I have enough flour?

x - xylophone: not the best music to bake by

y - yesterday: I baked biscuits

z - zipper failure: wardrobe malfunction caused by too many biscuits

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