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spring rocks the house

Wholly hail, this weekend rocked! Much was accomplished, but we still had time to entertain a couple of friends and relax in our own back yard.


We tidied the house and scavenged used bricks and chased escaped rabbits and fired-up the grill. The roofers worked Thursday + Friday, but left us in peace for the entire weekend. As a bonus, they also left behind much of their gear, so K was able to employ a wheelbarrow, work gloves, and dumpster to dispose of the craptacular junk pile of rotting wood left behind by previous owners. And the roof, you ask? We decided to go with "weathered wood" 30-yr. architectural shingles. Looks better than I expected, and is more than halfway done!

Please forgive this orgy of exclamation!! marks!! and CAPITALIZATION. I know it's annoying, but dammit, I am high right now. Fabulous spring weather + good times + grilled food (oh god, the food!) + friend visit + great kid + new roof + 136 free bricks = hyper happy posting. Okay, enough with the writing---for now---on to the pics:

Anna inspects the roof.

ancient black before !/ textured grey during.
[orange figure in 2nd pic is K under-dumpster-diving for Moxxy]

You try coaxing a rabbit out of this perfectly urban warren!

Moxxy & Spork relax post-escapade.

The Little Car That Could

subtitled: "If you need material to build a patio but have no cash 'cause you just purchased a suspiciously expensive roof then heed the advice of your home-improvement-wise boss and take the family for a spin in your wee green mobile to rummage through back lots of old industrial buildings where the second one surveyed will yield a rubble-strewn goldmine of thick ruddy bricks discarded and ripe for the taking."

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