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The roof, she is finished!

Actually, the roofers finished Monday evening, so though we paid A LOT for this job, it may have been worth it: a two man, hard-working, professional crew labored for 3 days. They arrived each morning around 8:00, and minus one brief lunch break, worked straight-through 'til at least 5:30. No harsh language. No loud music. No mishaps. They cleaned-up each and every evening: swept, raked, and stowed their ladders, wheelbarrow, and materials under a tidy blue tarp in the back yard.

They even replaced our lawn furniture against the house for us once the job was through! Seriously, this couldn't have gone any smoother. Very impressed. And did I mention that, minus a twenty dollar deposit, we didn't have to pay until all work was completed? Now that's the way to do business!

location: Connecticut
company: ALCRAFT
shingles: 30-yr. architectural
color: weathered wood

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