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Dinner. Leaning sideways in her highchair, gazing down.

- Hey, guys, look at you bare feet!
Oh my goo'ness, tha's a lotta feet under there!

Upstairs landing. "Helping" K replace baseboard quarter-rounds.

- Daddy, I fix it---I fix a whole house for you!

Placing brightly-colored jacks on a table;
the yellow ones clumped together at the center.

- I make a gee-raff! See, Mommy?
See his sweet little eyes?

Exploring the contents of my bathroom bag.
OB tampons in upright rows.

- A Peter Rabbit fence.
I make a Peter Rabbit fence for you!

Playing "DUKES OF HAZZARD CARS" with Daddy.
Anna breaks open a plastic easter egg.

- Here, car. Have some gasoline.

Daddy asks: what about diesel?
Anna cracks another egg.

- Here, car. Have some diesel.

Cars fly in slow motion before bounce-crashing to earth.
Anna cracks a third egg.

- Here, car. Have some doogs-a-hazzard.

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