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create, manipulate, store

anna leiden 11 months march 2004

In the 28 months since Anna's birth, K and I have taken an unbelievable number of digital photographs. My estimation? Between 4 and 5 thousand. So last night, we finally got serious about editing our iPhoto library. 700 pictures, slashed.

We now have a mere 1,800.

I've been thinking about this alot, lately---the incredible opportunity we have to record, manipulate, and store images. It's insane, really. I'm manufacturing digital "memories" on an almost daily basis....and I love it. I love the learning process, the thrill of implementing new skills, the research involved. I love honing my internet searches. I love scanning tutorials. I love editing, creating, posting, feedback....but this takes time. Time spent connected to cameras, computers, and cords. Time spent with objects instead of people. My family. THE REAL WORLD.

Granted, I do try to schedule my non-interpersonal, computer-love sessions---lap-topping-it-up while Anna sleeps, eats, or plays with Karl---but I know there are times when both my husband and my child view this machine in my lap as a competitor.......and that's just sad.

She's upstairs, sleeping; he's busy kicking Nintendo Starfox ass. I think I'll shut down and go kiss them both...as soon as I finish photoshop tweaking this post.

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