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inspired by this article

1970's: Daphne from "Scooby-Doo". Her dress was hip, her hips were mod; her hair was a waterfall wonder.

TC was impossibly petite and self-possessed. Her last name was foreign-exotic. When she walked, her hair swung like a hypnotist's pendulum. I was attracted to her confidence, her penmanship, her ease with high school boys. We were zodiac twins --- born the same day --- but her stars eclipsed mine with their shining.

1980's: Lisa Bonet. Those lips. Those brows. She filled parachute pants like no other.

1990's: J was freckled and golden, with hair that kinked sideways. Her laugh was a big brass bell. I was smitten with her smirk, her wit, her style. She dismissed love-struck boys with a smile. One night, after work, we danced with abandon to Nigerian drums, and I felt my stomach flutter. J drank too much. She licked her lips. Her eyes sparked bright like lust.

2000: Halle Berry. Every inch perfection. Skin the color of dreams.

Angelina no-explanation-required Jolie.
So I'm a lemming...but who can blame me?

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