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numerology lite

Wherein I attempt to update to the quick-list tune of ten:

1) Finally took the camera in for repair. After agonizing all these weeks, I've been assured by our local Leica dude that we'll probably only have to pay the 20 bucks or so for postage! Wha?????

2) This past week has been an orgy of on-line orders delivered: Legos and Leap Pads alá Amazon; too-cute-but-too-small shoes from Hanna A; a head-cleaning cassette for vidcam repair; and, just moments ago, my much-anticipated Baltimore Coffee and Tea order: Earl Grey, Courvoisier, Cherry Vanilla Decaf, loose-leaf Assam, plus shiny foil bags filled with pistachios, butter toasted peanuts, and coconut roasted almonds. Can't you just smell the twig-nut goodness?

3) Our house is a trash heap of air bags and boxes.

4) K is now anxiously waiting for these ebay babies to arrive.

5) Traveling to Boston this weekend to visit new parents/old friends.

6) I am one lax-ass toilet-training mother.

7) Epicurious.com has been very, very good to me, and I plan to share the recipe wealth a little later.

8) THIS DUDE has been shocking my socks off, lately. I love him! Don't you?

9) And if I'm not pregnant --- and I don't believe I am --- how in the hell do I explain this? Last night, post So You Think You can Dance fest, I fixed a little app. I'm going to call "pat of artisan butter topped with slivered feta and brown sugar eaten with a spoon". Three servings! Once again, wha?????

10) I'm currently mid-way through compiling my 101 things in 1001 days list, inspired by this post (hence my current affair with all things numbered and list-y).

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