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casual riches

We are clothed and sheltered and fed and clean. We have running water and transportation and fuel. K has a job. Anna's healthy. We're blessed.

Managing sorrow by focusing on the much-appreciated mundane.

Made a chart to track sit-ups/crunches. It's on the fridge and filling-up with marks of accomplishment.

Purchased a mirror and bedside table at a consignment shop yesterday. The bedroom is beginning to look so...grown-up! Amazing.

Itching to call Tamarkin (you know, Leica Guy), but will wait until Tuesday to check camera repair status.

And speaking of itching, there are currently 5 inflamed bug bites clustered on my "inner" knees. They itch like a mother, and flare to the size and color of fire-forged nickels whenever I scratch them! Spiders, you think? K has only been attacked once, waking with 4 on his stomach. I seem to attract at least 3 to 5 per week --- mostly on my thighs and knees. Givin' me the willies! Any ideas/advice?

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