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it's a good thing I love my kitchen

It's our HAPPY ANNIVERSABIRTHERY celebration tonight
--- married 6 years today; K turns 31 on Tuesday ---
and I haven't spent this much time in the kitchen since last Thanksgiving!

Baked a Chocolate Whiskey Bundt Cake (I subbed dark rum for the whiskey, of course) with Chocolate-Orange Buttercream Frosting (no Grand Marnier in the house, so subbed cheapy orange liqueur and halved the recipe, which made plenty for our tastes).

Four mini loaves of Mimi's Café Carrot Bread (subbed mandarin oranges for pineapple) with my own "faux cream cheese lite" frosting concoction (yogurt cheese, lemon juice, orange zest, powdered sugar, butter).

Hand-torn basil chicken salad.
Sweet Italian chicken sausage "paté"

I slow-roasted a huge pork roast smothered in Trader Joe's Korean Bulgogi sauce so we'll have plenty left-over for sandwiches during the week.

And, oh yeah, managed to sear another chunk of cumin-crusted pork this morning before throwing it in the crock pot with home-made salsa (made that on Friday) and chopped shallots. Future chili base!


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