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When I was 14, I splurged on a Casual Corner tee shirt with cash amassed from hoarded lunch money and one-dollar-an-hour babysitting gigs. I was terribly proud of my purchase, and the statement it made. I remember the first time I wore my new top to school, eager to display its high-minded and mature stance on the subject of inner beauty: THE BEST PART IS INSIDE, in girly cursive script, stretched prettily across my chest....my bra-less, perky, bountiful teenage chest.

It is hard to believe I was ever that naive.

Also didn't help much that the slogan: I CAN BE CASUALLY CORNERED was emblazoned on the back of my oh-so-misconstrued tee.

Sooooo....I'm not really a tee shirt kind of girl. I'm especially not a logo/slogan tee shirt kind of girl. In fact, I currently own just 2 tees with anything on them at all (and those I keep for sentimental reasons, only, since they're both more than 9 years old). This shirt, however, might just cause me to break my no tee rule:

All the cool blog chicks are doing it!

More info, and links to the sites of all the hot chicas pictured above (HEATHER, MINDY, NINA, et al), at fussy.org.

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