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dandelion signs

Fascinated by this question:

... do you find yourself knowing everything about a particular subject, however obscure (or expansive) it may be, or do you prefer just to know a little bit of everything?

and this response (from ):

"Some people like to know like oak tree roots: one thing, really deep. Others like to know like a lawn of grass: a great broad contiguous area, pretty shallowly.

But INTJs know like dandylions grow: at completely random discontinuous locales over a vast area -- wherever the wind blows the seeds of their interests -- and given the slightest chance, they put down absurdly deep taproots."

I do this. I am this. I have been like this since childhood.
My thirst for knowledge is dandelion tenacious and scattered and rooted and wild. I can become positively obsessed with a new subject, (topic, author, actor, skill) spending hours reading, researching, practicing, absorbing. I also like to then organize, or compartmentalize, knowledge gained. Mundane example: two years ago, I began researching strollers. After amassing tons of on-line (and in-store) information, I then found myself constantly re-categorizing the findings in my head. Alphabetical lists were a given, but I'd also practice visualizing lists of strollers broken-down by price, country of origin, color options, compact-ability, etc. When I discover a new favorite actor or director, I like to find (and even memorize) his or her filmography. Chronologically, of course. I then want to view the films in chronological order, as well. And when I find a blog or Lj journal that I like? You guessed it: I try to read THE ENTIRE THING, from first entry to last. Crazy.


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