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it's been a while. here's the story:

my ibook is in hospital
(tea sipping brit phase, what can i say?),
and will be for the next 3 to 4 WEEKS!

this hurts.
hurts bad.

luckily, k has 3D modeling work to do over the weekend, so he lugged home his entire office powermac G5 system. so...i'm currently slashing this out on a behemoth set-up of separate units:

    massive monitor
    sep. keyboard
    sep. mouse
    floor-hulking CPU

impressive, but a tad awkward for a laptop baby like me. that's right, late-bloomin techgal has never owned a proper desktop box. started with WEBTV (stop giggling. it was a gift) circa 1990-something, scored a used clamshell around the turn of the century, then graduated to a new ibook less than two years ago.

and now that frosty white beauty is being.....sob..... poked, prodded, diagnosed, tinkered with!

i plan to numb the pain of my laptop loss by trekking 30 minutes (kid in tow, of course) to abuse a few public library PCs.
you know, in order to expose anna and myself to as many teeming-with-flu-virus surfaces as i can...
because i'm, you know, THAT MOM---the one who, during said child's 18 month appointment, blithely dismissed the free flu shot offered by her pediatrician.

anamomda squints, blinded by hindsight.

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