Older Entries

october 2005
deep down, aren't we all franklins?
snagrabbit video
comments conundrum
baby doll
oh happy day
best C speech ever
image urge sans camera
skipping over halloween and thanksgiving in order to get to the good stuff
dandelion signs
september 2005
Shining Happy People
95 to go
96 to go
found brick patio
12 lbs. of ice-smashing beauty
the best part is....
blue dinosaur's feelin' loved tonight
Boston Anna
h - u - s - b - a - n - d
it's a good thing I love my kitchen
what I remember
Louisiana is a city?
little dutch girl
we bought a bed hallelujah amen
casual riches
time to deal

august 2005
clean bagels, blankies, and love
101 things
numerology lite
the house at poo corner
girl crush
me day eve
fistful o' corduroy
small talk du jour
tell me what to watch
ink bots
create, manipulate, store
she brings out the brute in me
anna says
tip the iceberg
glossy gliders

july 2005
butterfly & chocolate
it's a numbers thing
vintage anna
I heart my baby daddy
can it be?
perplexed: volume I
worlds at my fingertips
the itch is back
life's an itch
stride my mind
let them sing it for you
andante, baby!
soylent gymboree
girl, insurrected
anna mows
guide ropes and guard rails of love
all I need

june 2005
it will be worth the wait
of words and bees
monsoon swoon
my kinja.com
Cruise kills Oprah
it was a very hot, very good day
I can dream, can't I?
me, sans meme
melancholy morososity
behold, the card
Lazarus Leica
Edisto Show
hard core perusal
font: Incarnation
revisiting my life

may 2005
it bothers me so
she rides, redux
she rides
shlock and awe
word play
she's gone amazon
insight horror gratitude insight
my arm's length dictated each frame
puddles of kudzu-lush love
a.m. drain
for mom
imperfection disclosed
it's all about control
warmin' the house

april 2005
of late
found object architect
flocks of topics cogitate
The roof, she is finished!
beef to the heel
spring rocks the house
Lemons and pickles and pears, oh my!
contempra lab
scene green
lemon pickle
everything old is new again
my face awash with spring showers
plaid anna
mama likes her software
Pieces of Paris
how very not Martha

march 2005
inexplicable gishness
baby bratz
this luminous love
they stayed in the basement
they're coming
slide the loop
light therapy
this winter
I am better...but not.
she makes me shiver
clap on
speed and the need for fair healthcare

february 2005
and then
whoop gobble pound it
rum and a tub and my hair piled high
that fresh snow glow
stop wait go
slip the slope
why can't a meme be more like a biscuit?
jugglin' ma balls
the stenographer giggles
veeday deluge
ohm sweet ohm
bliss kissed us on the way
zefrank is zebomb
nosh bleu
dance slim slats
grip rock and rip
popcorn free
banana style

january 2005
sometimes it just needs to be said
my pillow eats my head
sleep-blurred words
shadows dancing
spliced swill
inevitable brag
the white stuff
normal ill
über-newbie gaffe
red nose laughing
cum on feel the noize
app du jour
icky smoothness
mighty movie spree
hash-fried on high
a kinder way
congealed super chunk
home from the holidays
I wake

december 2004
I worship at the altar of one who would despise me
tonight, on a very special "While You Were Out"...
the twist is a thing of disturbing grace
fists like buttah
she shines so bright
joy squints
as tires exhale
a href filler

november 2004
on diaryland
ow ow ow
something like survivor guilt
clunky tea
it is finished
putes poseurs
french swear words
the mammy in me
mac daddy
brief swill
dumb is as dumb does

anna leiden
straw is not yummy
what child labor laws?
latex brine
it's all about the lips and eyebrows, baby!
our house is a very very very mine house

october 2004
cybergym membership